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29.10.2019 23:11

Janice and Mike

Thanks for your nice comments today at my job. We deal with such angry, frustrated people on a daily basis, it is refreshing to hear a good word from someone like you. God bless and keep you

29.10.2019 23:40

Ron Portzer

Thanks, Janice. I love to compliment great people. You can see short posts on my website and get the idea. God bless you...

17.08.2019 09:55

Rev Brian Richards

Ron I am delighted to read all your posts special one for me was the women whom suggested living underground? This has sparked me up, me being a bricklayer in my younger days and now I am 71 year old

17.08.2019 17:01

Ron Portzer

Thank you, Brian, for your nice comments. You might go to the "Coming Soon" page and read a post on my subterranean structue. I was a "full-time" pulpit minister when deciding on my venture.

19.01.2019 05:09


Good photo and article of Tara as Valedictorian. Ron, on the few times that I met with you and Tara when she was in town on her appointment with her health, being a round her was delightful.

07.01.2019 21:57

Ron Portzer

Thank you, Barbara, for reaching out to me on Tara's behalf.

07.01.2019 17:46

Barbara Clark

Ron I am thinking of you and Anileta's families. I met you both through my friendship with Tara. She was the best hairdresser I've ever known. She was sweet, kind. and loving person. I will miss her

02.12.2018 03:41


Lemme know when there are updates. Good web. Donal

02.12.2018 13:38

Ron Portzer

Thank you, Donal, Having begun during a search for a blog spot I discovered SimpleSite. I generally update on an average of a post per week. Sometimes I may go beyond and at other times more often.