"Perfect" Housing

We may never find "perfect" in the real world. We however can strive for excellence. I had mentioned CWLW on the "Coming Soon!" page several weeks ago ideas about a unique form of housing. 

You may recall the devastating tornado which swathed across Tuscaloosa and Birmingham, AL early in 2011. Much damage was done. Upon listening to the radio an anouncer said that the only way those hit could have been safe would have been underground (I'd been saying that for years). Did you know that people are really picking up on this? I began indepth study of the subject in the mid-70"s and just couldn't be satlisfied with conventional housing once made aware of the differences. I heard of "Universal Housing" and "lifetime Design" (back in 2011) both of which indicates that a person can be born there, rear a family, live til death for many reasons and pass it on to posterity. Almost indestructable if built correctly, cost effective, quiet, "secure" and ecologically friendly. Wow! How about leaving for a vacation and not being concerned about breakins or natural disaster damage and loss of irreplaceable valuables? I said to myself,

Don't be fooled by claustrophobia. There's a cure for that too! Feel free to comment and let me answer any of your questions about this wonderful. secure and beautiful place to protect your percious life and posterity! Not "perfect" but headed in the right direction! Have the best and most popular home in your neighborhood... 

Want That Little...

Homer, a notable scholar on the Bible once was quoted as saying, "The Bible states that 'bodily exercise profits little'; I want that little". Many successful people are empowered by regular exercise which in turn energizes their production. Not a bad idea! It helps put the brain to work to succeed in tasks of the day in our work. Exercise also helps prevent atrophy and many diseases. 


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