Jul. 31, 2017

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Jul. 25, 2017

Social Media Value

Social Media is not my specialty but has grabbed my serious attention. Why? It is another blessing to communicate great ideas. There's power in words and communicating ideas. Social Media is a platform to keep in touch with loved ones, tell the world about your ideas for making life better and even earning money which all can use. You may have noticed the link: maxous.com/ronportzer posted a few weeks ago on the Coming Soon! page which lists some of the best websites for education and enhancing life.

Like all great inventions we must respect others and have a great attitude toward the technology. That involves not abusing the great tool designed for enhancing life. As an example, the invention of the automobile, the airplane, the telephone, the lightbulb as well as all other tools should never be used to harm others. Respect goes out to those in my age group for taking on the challenge of utilizing the Internet in an ever-changing world. Yes, the Internet is challenging to older folks but can aid us in connecting to the younger generation who pick it up like a circus. We with a great attitude can bridge the "generation gap" and help one another like the people who live to be 100 or more. One of  the secrets to long life is healthy interaction of the young who inspire the zest for life in the older who can in turn share wisdom. No wonder they play together and learn among other things the Internet know-how in exchange for your guidance and wisdom.

Experience the thrill and challenge of Social Media and connect with the world for education, fun and profit. We can voice truth to counteract falsehood. It's worth a try!

Jul. 23, 2017

Time Toll

Each day brings new opportunities and new "traps". Are you weary of your time others are clamoring for? For decades my experience was "junk mail" with "good stuff". Now it's email "junk" loaded with what we "can't afford to be without". It is not all junk but there's a strategy others employ to ultimately "get into your pocket book". Ever how good the product or service offered, one thing that bugs me are those un-announced, misleading and long-playing videos and/or drawn-out, page-after-page essays prompted by a catch phrase like "The One Food You Must Avoid At All Costs", "The Sure-Fire Cancer Cure" or something to the effect! How many of us "have the time" to wade through the verbal haystack to find the needle? Let's "Cut to the Chase" on this website. Let's become masters at respecting each other's time and work together without the money-grab imbedded hook. I've always given away time and effort to help others without pocket-picking. All the game-playing can take a toll on our precious time. It will not stop until someone else's coffers are filled. Just be aware of "store psychology" and stay focused on the important tasks. Did I hear someone say, "The soul of wit is brevity"? May we take time for prayer? I need help! HELP!!! The Master Teacher was short, blunt, deliberate and effective!

Jul. 18, 2017

Your Uniqueness

You've probably heard it many times: "You're one of a kind", "God broke the mold when He created you"... God did not create junk. You're not junk. How much is it worth to know that you are a unique person? You may agree. Have we really taken the fact to heart? God notices the small things. We admire great things. But, offering our best regardless of how small makes us unique and valuable. Do your best. Don't forget to increase your value when you can. Never give up on yourself. Just imagine how much better the world would be if each of us took our uniqueness to heart and acted accordingly. Better sleep, more respect, greater fulfillment.

Jul. 16, 2017

Kristie Wolfe: Great Discovery!

Just discovered a treasure trove of great ideas. You can engine search Kristie Wolfe and find the lady dynamo of living with nature. The interesting video introduced itself to my welcome. Kristie gave the grand tour of her earth-sheltered place of peace! My own interest began in about the mid 1970's. "A mind stretched by a new idea can never return to it's original dimensions" (Oliver Wendell Holmes) was really true in my case! I built my earth-sheltered home (early 1980"s) and became so comfortable I never put on the finishing touches! My late bride and I designed another and had blueprints drawn up for a large one to house my tremendous, irreplaceable library and provide educational opportunities in the six major areas of life as well as the superior earth-shelterd concept itself. You can read more with a quick browse on the "Physical Page" under "'Perfect' Housing" on this website.

I may add Kristie's link to my "Best of the Best Websites". Awesome! Thank you Kristie for being such a servant to all the fine people who recognize your genius!