Oct. 4, 2018

Cash Hideaway Weekend

This is a special weekend to remember and be with friends in the Cash hideaway in beautiful Tennessee! Take a look at the September 27th post below and see the list of entertainers. One thing remarkable about Tennesse is the scenery. You are invited to join the fun adding another chapter to your life. 

Sep. 27, 2018

Cash and Solitude

Elvis Presley's doctor reported that "Elvis is doing well" came the message by Paul Harvey early in 2000. I listened intently to the announcement. What is this all about 20 plus years after "the king" was gone? A book had just been published under the title, The Truth About Elvis Aaron Presley. I, being hundreds of miles away from home on my job, immediately called my wife and had her to order the book.

The book was certainly a conversation piece. You may recall that numerous people were skeptical about Elvis' death which is not unusual immediately after the death of an icon. The book was interesting but did not satisfy my curiosity. Yet, I contemplated the idea of how some famous people get tired of all the publicity at the expense of privacy. There is something special about time with one's self. It's a longed-for dream by some but realized by few. 

The legendary Johnny Cash purchased a 107-acre farm west of Nashville which served as the "center of his universe" for about 32 years. Well, upon learning of Patsy Andersen Presley's beginning a new job with the farm having been purchased by Brian Oxley it is being opened up for the pleasure of Cash's fans. Take a look at the list in the accompanying photo and go to www.storytellersmusicfest.com for a great weekend. Patsy just informed me that due to the illness of Wanda Jackson that Crystal Gale and BJ Thomas will fill in. Take a look at the list and see who's participating in the performances. 


Sep. 12, 2018

Johnny Cash

September 12, 2003 marks the loss of "the Man in Black". My previous post (Sep. 8) referenced his name with regards to the book, The New Johnny Cash. Whatever your thoughts or concerns about Johnny Cash and/or his music there is redeeming value in reflecting on his life to relate in a practical way:

Authority figures have a definite impact on the young. In this case Johnny's father had a negative impact on challenges and events faced in adulthood. Viewing the movie, "Walk the Line" is a good way to experience how this plays out.

Johnny was concerned about the poor and the working class of our great Country. I just learned from Patsy Andersen-Presley (see "older" posts), formerly of Graceland is joining up with the "Johnny Cash Farm" in Bon Aqua, TN. You might enjoy doing a search for more information. There will be a public event on October 5-6, 2018 and numerous noted persons are scheduled to be there among whom are Larry Gatlin and John Schneider of "Dukes of Hazard" and Tyler Perry's, "The Haves and the Have Nots" as Jim Cryer. 

John Schneider lived with Johnny and June for a while and Johnny is credited with converting Schneider to Christianity. It becomes more and more interesting to learn of celebrities who have a spiritual side not so generally known. Patsy indicated to me that the owner of the Johnny Cash Farm, Brian Oxley, is also a very spiritual person concerned about the hereafter. I think I can relate to these guys! Get ready Bon Aqua!

On a personal level, in one memorable experience Johnny performed to a large group of business people of which I was a part. Former President Ronald Reagan was one of the featured speakers at the event. One impressionable performance was Johnny's singing, "Pickin Time", an emotional and meaningful reminder of God's timing in our lives. I recall thinking of how humans expect things of others while God as a loving Father understands each of us, knows our limitations and circumstances. God's expectations may not be as harsh as the world expects from us. What a relief! What a blessing!

Go to: www.storytellersmusicfest.com for information and reservation.



Sep. 8, 2018

Rich DeVos

Approximately 2:00AM on November 23, 2016 I woke from sleep with a particularly interesting mentor on my mind. Beginning that year some events captured enough attention that my Twitter experience came alive with serious purpose. A famous speech was delivered to a large group of "Junior Achievers" in 1967 entitled, "Selling America". It was a monumental speech on helping people the American way. I began searching for a recording of the speech, found it and posted it to Twitter.

About 2500 young people got to hear in simple language why capitalism is better than socialism. Oh, how we need the message spread to todays millennials! Richard M. DeVos' speech was one of the best education lessons his young audience ever heard on why our Country is the greatest in the world. 

Within a few hours after making my post I heard the word DeVos on the radio. Then it happened on the next news cast. President elect, Donald J Trump had selected Betsy DeVos, daughter-in-law to Rich as Secretary of Education. It was obvious that with such a name and relationship Trump was moving in the right direction.

On September 6, 2018 America lost a great leader. Rich DeVos, WWII veteran, multi-billionaire and owner of Orlando Magic died at the age of 92. Fortunately, recordings and books live on for our education and entertainment. Every child should have one opportunity to hear "Selling America".

Revell Publishing Company wanted to find some way to promote this great Country many years ago. Someone who had heard Rich's inspiring American ideas answered the call to find a person who could put our uniqueness before the reading public. The company chose Dr. Charles Paul Conn author of The New Johnny Cash (Sep. 12 post) to follow through on the task. Reluctantly, Conn conceded and concluded that no one could surpass the principles, communication and integrity of Rich DeVos to satisfy Revell's longings. To this day no better speech has been delivered to teach the youngest to the eldest how and why America is unsurpassed in providing the best opportunity for people to "reach for the stars" in this journey, called life.

Sympathy and well wishes go to the DeVos family with a sincere thank you, Rich and all your great educational moments for making America great. Our honor is to serve those still living to further your never-ending contributions to success for now and eternity.

Remember that true wealth is based on integrity and a solid base of service to others. Rich lived out his father's deathbed sentiments. "Whatever you do son, do it right". We need not fear wealth in the hands of a person of integrity. Great harm is done with wealth in the wrong hands. (Look for Winston Churchill's take on Socialism to which Rich referred in "Selling America" in an upcoming blog on this site.)

Sep. 7, 2018

Joy of Service

Service may not seem like a very endearing subject on the surface. If you consider its value it's a different story altogether. The commodity of money as a medium of exchange for what we need and want is directly related to it. Every penny you earn is in some way related to service. If we want more we must increase our service. Also if we want more out of life we must improve and/or continue and improve our service. 

Rabindrananth Tagore, the world-famed Calcutta poet along with many other wise persons knew this service secret to life. Each one presented the same truth in their own words. Einstein stated that man's purpose is, "to serve other men only". Jesus indicated that service to others is the issue upon which the great separation ultimately takes place (cf Matthew 25:31ff)

Today marks the 1941 anniversary of the death of Tagore just a few months before Pearl Harbor catapulted us into WWII as 2,403 Service men lost their lives in the surprise Japanese attack.

Service is the measure by which a person leaves the planet in death. Dr. Arnold Hutschnecker devotes one chapter in his book, The Will to Live, to the notion that a person dies when he or she wants to die. That of course, is with the assumption of dying naturally as opposed to accident or disease. The theory is that when a person can no longer serve he or she has no more reason to remain on the planet. 

Joy is in living and serving. Serving is our duty. Serving is Joy. With that attitude life is worth living. It becomes clear that each of us should find our place of service and freely express ourselves. That's what life is about. Understanding this, consider what damage to another one may inflict by blocking others' service thereby stealing their joy. Now you have an idea as to why this website was created...as I want to live.