Nov. 21, 2018

Health Conscious

Economist and best selling self-help author, Paul Zane Pilzer watched his audience file in one day and considered changing his focus. Having already been pre-paid for his speech he was obligated to honor his commitment. He thought, "These people have a more significant issue than economy...the more pressing concern is health".  

Shortly after the close of the 20th Century, it was my privilege to hear Paul make a couple of speeches in which he addressed the apparent needs of so many people who came to hear him speak. 

The Next Trillion addressed Paul's prediction that the health and wellness industry was going to become revolutionary and that millionaires would be made in that industry. So what was so evident that Pilzer made such a turn-around in his focus? You guessed it! Overweight! The future is in helping people to solve the number one issue facing Americans. 

Charlie Shedd is reported to have said, "The fat is in your head." Even though he was right it is a tremendous challenge to make practical use of the fact and adjust our thinking to solve the problem of obesity.

Individuals can change habits in a matter of days, usually from 21 to 30. It can be time consuming and expensive. My next post will address an efficient, convenient and pleasurable way to solve this problem. In the meantime keep in mind that no wealth can match the value of health! I'll share with you not only a solution but also how you can profit from the trillion dollar trend.

Nov. 6, 2018

America in the Balance

Creatures haven't the capacity to fully comprehend their Creator. To this, we can all agree. None of us fully understand the future. At best we can use our minds to make the best of opportunity to create our future. 

For the past two years, America has witnessed a rather unusual degree of division, anger, and unrest. Again and again, I wonder about our Nation's future. What are adults teaching our children? What are educational institutions manufacturing and educators producing? Do we want to live in a world where the young are continually observing adults conducting themselves worse than juveniles with severe behavioral problems? 

America is in deep trouble as can be observed against history. While each of us may think, "this election is the most important one ever" it is indeed vital  Are you aware that there is an undercurrent made public to destroy our way of life as a sovereign Nation? 

Bible accounts of nations being destroyed because of "wickedness" is well known. Framers of our Constitution recognized a Higher Power and treatment of people as very basic to a strong Country if freedom is to be expressed and enjoyed by everyone. There was a good and fundamental reason for the creation and enforcement of our Constitution. 

Realizing the apparent respect for God by those who dreamed of freedom from persecution and ill will of oppressive governments one might ask how does the Creator see this "One Nation Under God". Will we continue or will we fall like great nations in history? 

Consider the accompanying picture. Did God choose to give us another chance to interrupt our apparent decline? Many prayers have ascended by those who love our Nation, our children, and our God. The "50 billion dollar man", Dan Pena predicted that if Trump became president he would "rock the planet". We're seeing what that looks like.

Considering that Trump seemed to never be anxious to step away from his career to strive for the presidency he was on point to step up to the task of preserving the American dream. I think God's hand has been on Trump for decades. There was no more a timely and better choice for a person up to the task of "draining the swamp" to "make America great again". Let's embrace our best human answer to the task. God sees when no human can the potential of what one person can do at a strategic time. The choice is ours. Do we want America as we know it destroyed or do we want to continue embracing our ideals? 

Jesus stepped down from heaven to save the world. Trump stepped down from an opulent lifestyle to save our Country. Both were persecuted, resisted, hated, yet empowered. Give both a chance in their respective realms of purpose.

Oct. 29, 2018

Price of Truth

History provides exciting insights into the future. If we want to know about our future we can learn the outcome of people in the past who shared our views. We then can get an idea of what to expect if we study history. History was not my favorite subject in school. A greater maturity led me to become interested in the subject in later years.

For a long time, I've admired the attitude of a man who became a martyr because of his insistence on what he believed to be the truth. While getting along with people is a worthy ideal one subject assures that there may be clashes with friends who do not share similar ideas. Seeking truth and having insisted on finding the truth on all crucial subjects there will be differences in understanding and strains upon relationships, especially in religion and politics. 

John Huss lived in a time when speaking religious and political views could mean life or death. Hence the phrase: "never discuss religion and politics". America was founded upon principles which made discussion of these issues less dangerous. Knowing some history has convinced me that our freedom to speak our convictions is at risk.

When we hear of people being murdered for their beliefs it reminds us that we are victims of history. For too long we've been silent on what could be..."It won't happen in America", we may say. Could we in America see our freedoms vanish? So many people have been persecuted for their beliefs though not necessarily to death. So, how about the John Huss quote? Read the quote and know that he indeed died for what he believed to be the truth. He was burned at the stake! Let's ask ourselves, "What am I willing to die for"? Which is more important, my life or my core values?

Oct. 18, 2018

Excited About Stone

Imagine a codger like me getting excited about stone, sand, and gravel! It's been said that "every man likes to be a kid again when he can get away with it". There's more to it than a mere rock!

Having purchased a load of gravel for my brother, Giles' driveway over the weekend from my friend who's in the hauling business it dawned on me that there is a big business in Birmingham, AL which seemed to be thriving. I called Wade Sand & Gravel, left a message and got a call-back the next morning. I decided to drive my dump truck to the site and have my brother along for another load of driveway base. Upon arrival almost an hour early we noticed a line of trucks ready for the action to begin. We parked in front of the office and kicked around until opening time in the pleasant coolness on Tuesday morning.

Courtesy and anticipation of our find made for a pleasant day. It was like another world and a truckload of treasure. Everyone was so lovely and helpful! I wish I had the names of all to all the people we met so I could help make their day with sincere gratitude.

There are lessons in all this. Stone has tremendous value to humankind as a primary material for housing, transportation, and beauty. Even diamonds are stones! Beyond all this was the feeling of respect for the consumers. With such a pleasant experience I want to go back and do business with the fine folks at Wade Sand and I'll be looking for "excuses". Thanks to all for contributing to our day! Never forget the value of the stone and all the smiles of people just doing their job of making the clients happy! I think this Company is an excellent example of what business should look like...courteous service forever carved in stone. It feels good to sink money into something so "permanent" with the memorable experience to boot!

Yes, I get excited about the stone and doing business with people who stake even their livelihood and reputation upon a family name and tradition.

Take a peek at the article below and sample an extension of this post!


Oct. 9, 2018

Hurricane Michael

No, please not that! We get tired of hearing about natural disasters, the devastation, loss of life and property. They never end. After a massive tornado sweeping through the south in at least 2 states in 2011, a radio personality stated that the only place the people affected could have been safe is "underground". Sad thought? I fell for the idea immediately and for good reason! In about the mid-1970's a cousin of mine mentioned the idea of underground or earth-sheltered housing. I've since discovered such terms as lifetime design and universal housing. Upon research, these were not referring to earth-sheltered design. Earth-sheltering is just another step in the right direction at least for added benefits like burglaries, heating, and cooling etc. Yes, houses can be built above ground to withstand most of mother nature's blows. Ever heard of a skyscraper destroyed by natural disasters? Surpassing all designs is the subterranean culture from my viewpoint which can be practically done by average income people. 

To appease the ladies, it would need not be claustrophobic but appealing to the eye and pleasurable to the senses. Plenty of light must abound to please the moods of many. All of this is easily accommodated with proper planning. Unfortunately, getting a loan for such is not so easy if possible at all. 

I have a plan. Hopefully, I can share it with you later. In the meantime, Hurricane Michael is expected to deliver a devastating blow to many people in the next few hours in the Southeastern US. Just a few days ago I discovered a quote, "The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago". Well, the next best thing would be to plant one tomorrow or ASAP. Even so, the best time to work with or beat mother nature at her game is before she delivers her terror. 

In 2006 my late bride, Brenda and I designed an absolute "knockout" design that would meet all criteria for the ideal subterranean design for aesthetics, function, and successful promotion. I had a blueprint drawn up. I love to share information for free on my 40+ years experience with this idea. See earlier posts on this website as well as the accompanying photo found online and see if the concept whets your appetite. Let's start a conversation! My experience is life-saving for many losses.

Ok, so my choice of an accompanying photo is an overkill. This is too fancy for me but I wanted to show some possibility if you want a mansion secured by mother nature to show off to your wealthy friends. My plan is much simpler, roomy, one-level and with all the amenities for existence on the planet until a ripe old age as I bow out. The possibilities are endless. Yet, there are a few keys you must use to successfully build a natural disaster-defying masterpiece. I share these goodies unlike Colonel Sanders sharing his recipe with the general public. I'm excited to share (for free) information to make your dream come true and help with any drawbacks your spouse may have! Try me!

The subterranean housing structure adequately constructed carries the security and permanence of stone cuddled by mother earth...defying natural disasters. Fantastic for your irreplaceable assets!