Aug. 6, 2018


Memories of this lovely lady are of a comedian star, Lucille Ball in the "I Love Lucy" sitcom. Today marks the date of her birth. Two matters came to mind: One is the common age of 77 so familiar as the age of people close to me in the past. Two is the year of her death, 1989. 

Values passed on beyond her death include though-provoking quotes and films for entertainment especially by those mature enough to remember her in the 1950's and 60's, In September of 2015 it was my privilege to spend several days and nights with Dr. Stanley L Morris, translator of the International English Bible ( where my own schedule conformed to the Morris tradition. Stanley began his work about 3:30 AM. About 9:30 he came into his living room, played the piano and sang while his bride fixed breakfast. While enjoying breakfast I fit into his tradition of watching a re-run of the old "I Love Lucy" shows. Then it was time for a nap around 11 AM, then back to work on his Bible projects, recording etc. Very methodic, structured and disciplined!

Two of my major mentors died the same year as Lucy, Earl Nightingale and Carl Ketcherside. Earl was referred to as the "Dean of Personal Development" and best known for his famous recording, "The Strangest Secret" and was heard on many radio stations throughout the free world. His mentorship continues especially in the realm of growth in the wisdom of man in creating success. Carl, much like Earl's breakthrough came in 1951. Carl was mentor to many in the wisdom of God part of life. The two areas (cumulative wisdom of God and man)though unique fit together like a puzzle to enrich well-rounded enthusiasts.

Thanks are in order for the services of Lucy, Earl and Carl for their services which are much alive beyond their colorful and life-enhancing contributions to make life an adventurous experience.


Aug. 1, 2018

Stellar Attitude

Yesterday I vaguely got wind of a 7 year old boy whose bicycle was stolen. Along with his mother he was able to get the bike back. He made a strange request to his mother: He suggested that he wanted to buy the thief a new bicycle! Not yet successful in tracing or confirming this story it carries an interesting message. 

Dale Carnegie, author of How To Win Friends And Influence People, was outstanding for his views on influencing people even when it meant being unconventional in one's approach. Rarely do we hear about such a unique and radical response as described in our story.

Theft is an intrusion on the rights of all who fall victim. Have you ever experienced the sinking feeling of being victimized and helpless at a thief's plundering your personal property? I have and have known others who helplessly describe the feeling of being separated from irreplacable belongings such as a special item from a deceased relative or identity theft so common today.

Victimization has happened to me more than once. One particular instance was a break-in to my home. Upon experiencing the afterthoughts and processing the next move here is what I decided to do: I sat down with a pen and heavy paper and wrote out something to this effect..."This premise was broken into and goods taken. I wish the one or ones involved the best of success for a good life". "Helplessly", I placed the note in a window for anyone on the premise to see in case there was a revisit. It eventually faded. 

Lesson: If we wish a poor, warped and dementred soul a successful life after such an act a major change will have to take place. My message was to, without offense, redirect the thinking process and hope someone will come along to turn a life around or something happens that will reform the person so as to produce real and lasting success based upon right principles.

I personally know a pulpit minister who's wife was sexually involved with one of the men of the congregation. The violated "minister" gently moved to the front seat where the "intruder" was seated, placed his right arm around him and said, "God knows, you know, I know and ________ knows. You need to make ammends". Eventually, ammends were apparently made with what appeared years later to be a good report on the life of the brother. 

Another case of a perceived "heretic" was reprimanded with agreement to exclude, reject and shame the "wretched" violator of congregational consensus and tradition. The "heretic" kept showing up in corproate meetings expressing no ill will or act as if nothing ever happened. He was congenial and appeared to have no animosity, ill will or spite. In other words, he responded in love regardless!

What do you think of these matters? True love must have motivated such persons who seek to influence and forgive their enemies and trespassers. Is this a sign of weakness or strength in the violated? 

Jul. 28, 2018

Pretty Patsy

Patsy Andersen-Presley, born a few years ago, world-famed Elvis Presley expert and events promoter having worked at Graceland for 23 years, has a special place in my heart. She has blessed me much by her presence, personality and love for people. Her birthday anniversary is today and I'll not tell you how young she is without her permission! 

Patsy, I wish you a happy new year of blessing. You are an inspiration to many who have been associated with you having been guided through Graceland tours for over two decades. I know you welcome prayers from your fans and we are pulling for you to have the best of your life in front of you.  

"Patsy" is Latin for "friend". Someone well wrote that her name means "Stately and dignified, being an honest and virtuous woman, reliable, hard-working and zealous, you give your all, staying positive and outgoing no matter what happens, your love knows no limits, a winsome smile that warms all." (will edit post to give credit to the author ASAP). I feel this is accurate and descriptive. 

Hard times have fallen on you. Following a massive heart attack early this year burdens have been immeasurable. Hopefully, someone will be sent to rescue you from hardships forced upon you. I'm praying that you will see unbelievable blessings coming your way soon. Our hearts go out to you. May God's richest blessings come to you this year!



Jul. 24, 2018

Flying Thrills

Human dreams of flight date at least back to about 400 BC with China when the kite was invented. For centures man has yearned to take to the air like birds. About 120 years ago on this date, Amelia Earhart (July 24, 1897-July 2, 1937) was born and became a flying legend. Both Amelia and the airplane grew up together. Amelia was about 6 years old when the Wright Brothers made their first flight. The picture shows how far aviation had come with the sleek Lockheed Electra aircraft which disappeared when Amelia was 40 years young.

Women pilots are of special interest. They too have dreams so as to break the "glass ceiling" in a unique way. In keeping with Amelia's dream I can only imagine what she would be thinking were she here today while some are intent on turning such magnificent machines into bombs to destroy people. Unthinkable! 

Mother's name, "Amileta" was taken from Amelia's name as I was told by my maternal grandfather who never flew aboard an aircraft and showed no interest in such. I'm certain that many were inspired by the heroine who broke the mold of the household stereotype.

Dreams keep the world moving forward. Without a dream or ideal not much happens. Every move forward begins with a dream. Risks are involved but a dream big enough will overcome the obstacles until  it becomes real. Then, many are inspired while the dreamer becomes famous and well rewarded. 



Jul. 16, 2018

Call "No-Go"

Charles and his girl friend responded to my invitation to meet me at the airport one day while I was in aviation training. Our association had begun through our association at work. Always looking for opportunity to serve and experience interesting things, for some reason the subject of flying came up. 

Needing a qualified pilot, a well-known local trainer was present. I decided to rent the Cessna 172 airplane to "show my stuff". The four of us boarded the plane, taxied to runway 27, scanned the instruments and did the run-up. With my head "on a swivel" (term referring to looking for airport traffic and clearance before take-off) I looked to my right and caught a glimpse of an ugly cloud in the distance in the west. I called the take-off a "no-go" regardless of the disappointment involved regarding the anticipated thrill. Roger, the trainer with whom I had never flown agreed with my decision. So back to the tarmack we went, but not without explanation to the anxious passengers. As I recall, the opportunity to arrange for another chance at taking to the skies never came.

America was saddened on July 16, 1999 as we learned in horror about the crash off the coast of Martha's Vineyard of the young pilot, John F. Kennedy Jr., his wife and sister-in-law. The thrill event was brought to a sudden end. Knowing that he had been warned about the weather conditions and the anticipated wedding the three were to attend, still John had sufficient reason to call it a "no-go"...but how do you explain that to two women at such a time as this? 

Bravery is better demonstrated in saying "no" at times. John was a newly trained pilot having logged 310 hours, 55 hours at night and 36 hours flying time in the accident Piper Saratoga airplane. Confidence against natural forces should make us cowards. But, not for John! His fate was sealed by one bad irreversible decision.

A few years ago while returning home from work I was saddened upon hearing a radio announcement to learn that a local doctor and friend in aviation had crashed in the swamps of south Alabama. My friend was eagerly anticipating joining his family. His passion proved that the "no-go" decision was not his option. And that was it. The rule of thumb is to do a "180" in severe weather. He could have and should have waited out the storm. Vulnerability can be a true virtue but not in such cases as flying in the face of "mother nature".