Jul. 12, 2018

Thoreau Introduced

Henry David Thoreau could easily become the envy of those who love Ralph Waldo Emmerson if it is true that they had frequent personal contact. While Thoreau needs little if any introduction for his wisdom I'm calling attention to his appearance on the planet this day, July 12, 1817. We never know the influence we can have on a newly born human.

Imagination based upon personal associations to Emerson and Thoreau could take us far as "iron sharpens iron". Just imagine having the opportunity to share breakfast with Emerson who was 14 years Thoreau's senior. Better still consider choosing someone you admire who would be willing to allot time in conversation with you! Add to that the great quotes from these two men and how true and relevant their wisdom is for us. Not only can we find a wise and trusted mentor but we have the wisdom of these men in writings and stories they left us. The quotes are capsules into their thinking and philosophies.

As Thoreau might say, "Find your Emerson". Who knows the limits of our own success by calling great minds to our aid? Surround yourself with like-minded aspirants to excellence. Then consider becoming the mentor to one person or to countless generations. 

Gratitude goes out to Thoreau and our friends with whom we share the planet. We've much to take advantage of in our service with and to humanity! With the written word we have oceans to explore.


Jul. 10, 2018

Mainstream Media

Newspapers, television, radio and online news could take up hours of our day. Decades ago a business entrepreneur was scheduled to make a speech right after Norman Vincent Peale. He was asked by the press how to become wealthy. He immediately responded. "First, don't read the newspapers, then..." The interviewer was not so excited about what he said thereafter. I've thought about it quite a bit. Another speaker said, "if you've got to get the news just set aside an hour on Saturday evening for that purpose".

Challenges with time management have been around for a long time. There is wisdom in not taking up too much time as there is not a lot of positive information. Once in a while I do pick up a newspaper purchased by someone else if it's handy to quickly check the obituary column. Usually very little is there to help me serve others in a positive way. Life is about service ot others. It seems that the problem of beginning our day with a catch-up presents another problem, namely, little motivation to move forward without being dragged by all the negative events of the past few hours.

Thomas Jefferson realized this when our Country was young. Today there is multiplied time theft due to the mainstream media business. We've heard quite a bit about "fake news" for tha past couple of years. Upon taking the fact seriously there is no wonder our Country is under seige in critical timing because of the competition for profit and socialist agendas of the political elites. The US Constitution is in a struggle to survive. Many students in schools of higher learning are in fear of their future. Hysteria is at the apex of things which come to mind as many millenials are being misled by professors who are products of philosophers who had not the American ideal of "One Nation Under God". 

Great leaders of the past often had to struggle for freedom we enjoy. Why not read after them? Many of them were respectful of the "greatest book ever written". The founding fathers for the most part had a passion for the freedom and goodwill toward others. People needed each other and sacrificed greatly to follow their dreams for a "better land" which so often is taken for granted while we take advantage of their fruits. While undersanding some knowledge is important we need more life-enhancing mind occupation with leaders and heroes of the past than what is so often "the news of the day". We will use our freedom wisely or lose it eventually. 

Jul. 4, 2018

Thirtieth President

Independence Day! Today is a reminder of our blessings and a celebration of the freedom granted those fortunate enough to live in this great Country. Freedom, we lose if we do not fight to maintain it. Some of the best things taken for granted are free: the air we breath, the water we drink, love of family and friends and grace to have hope of permanent life after death! 

Calvin Coolidge was born on July 4, 1872 and served as President of the United States from the year my father was born (1923) and served until the year my mother was born (1929). The greatest stock market crash in history came just a few months after Coolidge left office, just 4 days after mother's birth. Hard times during the "Great Depression" as we approach a decisive era in which we repeat the horror or enjoy a new day in our trek toward its 100th anniversary. If we are proactive we might just turn the tide of history in our favor. We're off to a good start as statistics show that America is showing signs of a new enthusiasm.

Persistence in the right direction is the message President Coolidge has for us on this special day and chapter in history. Most people haven't the slightest idea of the cost of freedom or the principles enabling its maintenance. If it is lost we will never recover. So, resolve to become an expert on freedom through knowledge and action. The Greatest Book ever written places much emphasis on the liberty for which the co-Creator of the universe came to give. Freedom in this life and in the world beyond! What could be greater?

Jul. 3, 2018

Andy Griffith

Radio was entertaining back in the 1950's. While driving through the night on my job back in the 1980's or so a funny story was told (1954) on the Charlie Douglas Show out of New Orleans. To my surprise the hilarious story teller was Andy Griffith. My jaw dropped! Yes, before the Andy Griffith Show beginning in 1965 Andy was a commedian story teller. If you haven't heard the story, "What it Was Was Football", you're in for a treat if you type the title into your browser and listen.

Reflections on friends and icons from the past is not only interesting but sobering as well. It's intriging to see what "father time" does to us! We might think about how we look over the decades but more importantly consider what will be our legacy. The old shows re-visited or seen for the first time remind us of how life was a few decades ago and how we can utilize these gems to make life better today. This is a constructive, relaxing, entertaining and educational journey. Time well spent!

Edwin, one of my former aviation instructors reported to me back in the 1990's that Andy was not as personable as he appeared in the shows. Edwin, as a corporate pilot had had the opportunity to come face to face with numerous stars who were passengers on golfing events. 

Andy came to mind today because today is the 6th anniversary of his death on July 3rd 2012 at the age of 84. Thank you Edwin for sharing your experiences with TV entertainers from yesteryear and thank you Andy for entertaining us and leaving us much to think about in our vastly different world than that which we grew up in. We love revisiting the good old times.

Jul. 1, 2018


Ralph Waldo Emerson had the unique ability to condense a whole philosophy into a few words. Nature is not to be worshipped as it is only a creation, not the Creator. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin stated, "Our duty, as men and women, is to proceed as if limits to our ability did not exist. We are collaborators in creation."

King Solomon wrote, "But why is mortal man so important to You?...You put him in charge of everything You made. You put all things under his control..." (Ps 8:4-7  Quote from International English Bible www.iebible.net).

Man cannot create the acorn but He can plant one and with the elements of creation at his disposal begin to see the results of his working with nature. The power within the seed has no known limits...like space itself. Even so the mind of man has no known limits for its ability to create results of his imagination.

Abundance is a common yet voluminous word which needs to spark our day if accomplishment is our objective. It may be one small thing...like a decision that makes our life unique and unforgettable...and our night following, a happy rest! We were born to achieve. Emerson knew this and encapsulated a memorable giant of an idea in simple terms from the "book" of nature, "The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn". Let's remember that so our day will be full and our life well lived.