Jan. 7, 2018

Desperately Seeking Prayers

Just learned that one of my best friends suffered a massive heart attack and is in ICU. Some of you may know her as a former employee of Graceland. I told her several times I'd not want to go there again without her as my guide. Many Elvis fans wish she'd return. Her story is on this website on the "Coming Soon!" page and can be easily identified by another picture which appears on her website. May we all leverage prayers through other people in her behalf. Thanks to all of you!

Dec. 25, 2017

Closing of Christmas Day 2017

Just busy and got to a late sundown today. Thought I'd add some color from nature to this website.

Dec. 20, 2017


In response to Pat Owen's request I begin with this. The page was designed and hinted at the creation of the Center for Whole Life and Wellness (CWLW) born in early 2009. More information is on the "Coming Soon!" page. You can scroll down to "Jared's Story" for more information on CWLW. Incidentally, Brenda was born on December 25, 1951. She never let me forget that Christmas day was also the day of her birth. That meant no short cut for gift-giving! Happy memories! Happy holidays!

Dec. 13, 2017

Earn From Your Social Activity

Doing what you like is valuable for its own sake. What if you could find a bit of passive money because of what you like to do? There is such an opportunity created recently by a company which pays you for your social media activity. Learn about it here: http://clickit.us/vj9ur. You can get 24/7 chat for questions and comments in your visit. No obligation. If you have an idea to share about increasing your wealth feel free to share it with us. People helping people is a good thing...

Nov. 29, 2017

United Peacemakers

You might like a new Facebook Group I just created and be a valuable part. Here's a background story of how this came about. See if you can relate to it.

While taking care of my dad I'd take time to read amongst other activities while engaging and experiencing his last days...precious memories! I'd had in my posession a book by Kokichi Kurosaki entitled, Let's Return to Christian Unity. Kurosaki, like many believers was troubled by religious division. He indicated that the Japanese Christians were confused when many American church groups came over and tried to convert them. They understood that they were already in Jesus the Christ...but why were churches trying to "convert them"? Make sense to you? 

Reflecting on the so-called "Christian Community" my focus began to center on the idea that God actually created unity at the point of birthing people one by one into His family. That "unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace" was the design of the Creator provided for us. All we were ever admonished to do is "keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace". My own heritage in reality sought unity by conformity. God's plan was much simpler than that! Too simple for them to accept.

Engagement in the greatest purpose upon acceptance of the greatest news the world has ever known led me to focus on helping my heritage simply recognize that unity and then promote, keep or maintain it. What higher purpose can a disciple of Jesus the Christ have? Well, that sums up my new Facebook group, "United Peacemakers". What greater contriubution could one make in order to leave a better world for our children?