Nov. 13, 2017

Art of Courtesy

Life being made better for ourselves and others must include considerations for those with whom we communicate. Here are a few points of courtesy others will appreciate as relates to common activities:

Greetings: Make the other person feel as if he or she is the most important person in the world.

Phone, email: Always be sure it is OK with the owner to share a cell phone number or email with a third party.

Email: Try to limit the length to 3 to 5 sentences. Better to do essays as documents and attach to emails as you can edit for careful content such as grammar, punctuation, spelling etc.

Texting: Reserve for important matters, not a place for essays. Make each text count in a postitve way. Remember some unintended person may read your text without your permission.

Parting thoughts: Remember that you may never see the person again. If not (as in case of death), have no reason for regrets.

Name usage: According to Dale Carnegie a person's name is the most important word in the human language. Use it frequently and respectfully.

Listen: Not always easy but people want to be heard more than "preached to".

Smile: The one "universal language" all can understand. Be sure it's sincere.

Space allowance: Think of each person as in an imaginary "bubble" or comfort zone. Respect this and be mindful that such is usually detected by non-verbal communication.

There are other considerations to master in the art of courtesy. Don't forget that we need not be courteous only to strangers or friends but to family as well. As always you are invited to share your wise thoughts. Thank you...!



Nov. 5, 2017

My Facebook Activity

Activity on Facebook continues to take time and attention. Several months ago I began a campaign to make a positive difference in the appearance of a specific group, "Church of Christ Facebook". As some of my readers know my background is set in the South identifying with the so-called, "church of Christ". Being concerned deeply about love, peace and service to mankind and my daring questioning of my heritage, not free from bias and imperfections in theology, you can imagine the isolation. My efforts are to share truth beyond a flawed tradition which claims to be the epitome of truth demonstrated. I began a quarter century ago to see beyond the blind limitations allowed for equality in the kingdom of God as we defined it. Hope you will visit my many posts and see how love, peace and great care can win over one of the most judgmental religious groups of the last Century and beyond. I welcome your input and suggestions. 

Oct. 19, 2017

Time and Money

Social Media provides a closeness for people to interact and stay in touch like never before. Few realize that they can be paid daily for doing just that. Check this out: and share with the youngsters who can help you learn the technology. They may inspire you to bridge the "generation gap". Get in on the action. Everyone who uses social media can now add to their bank accounts just by learning and browsing 15 minutes a day. That adds up. The Internet is here to stay and the secret to earning money for simply participating is wonderful! You can also adveritse whatever you want to share with others and profit monetarily by serving. Who'd have thought it? But it's true. Next best thing to "money growing on trees". And get this: When you get to the landing page by either clicking on the link above or just typing it into your browser you can chat if you wish with a live person 24/7 and learn how to join and profit for free! I'll be listing this soon on my "Coming Soon" page list of "Best of the Best Websites". We create wealth!

Oct. 6, 2017

Food as Medicine

Having lost my bride (see picture on "Coming Soon!" page) I can tell you that good health is precious. Nothing can take its place! She and I had frequently discussed the issue of medicine, food and the value of the art of prevention as one hope for decreasing the prospect for pharmaceuticals. Calling me a health nut does not hurt my feelings, knowing that the best of anything is not the most popular practice. The Road Less Traveled by the late psychiatrist, M Scott Peck took its title from Robert Frost who reminded us of the importance of wise decision making in life. It's easy to follow the crowd and sometimes lonely to take the less traveled road but the choice is worth the discipline. 

I recently purchased The Apple Cider Vinegar Miracle, an Alternative Daily publication. What grabbed my attention instantly was a quote by Henry David Thoreau, "A man may esteem himself happy when that which is his food is also his medicine." There are many things we can and should avoid but also many things we can do in the nutrition area to promote good health. More and more people are beginning to understand and act on incorporating the wise old theory of prevention (see Sep. 17, 2017 post below) is better than cure. Watch for a short article (soon to come) about moving toward organics as one way to improve nutrition. In the mean time, let's decide to spend more money on enjoying a better diet in the war on ill health rather than secumbing to the last resort by saying, "Doctor, fix me". We can enjoy the former and maybe avoid the latter. I think of my body as the "temple of the Holy Spirit" and feeding it takes on an added meaning and dimension.

Sep. 29, 2017

Youthful Inspiration

Which of us have not been inspired by some young child making adults think? Even the "Master Teacher" spoke of children in a positive way. You may recall Art Linkletter's kid program parlaying funny and wise comments which made us laugh a few decades ago. 

I just came across an inspirational story of a 13 year old boy who built a complete tiny home for $1,500. Some of you may recall a short article on this website in which my interest in underground or subterranean housing began in about the mid-1970s. This tiny house concept is also one of my interests because of economy and a great and welcome expression of cool ideas. 

You have access to another treasure in my list of "Best of the Best Websites" on the "Coming Soon!" page at the very bottom ( The story is a "breath of fresh air" in our day of negative events demonstrating why I was glad to get past the "teenage years" in my strict upbringing. Feel free to share your interesting story with me on this website. Who knows how much your valuable service may mean to others in the future?