Jun. 24, 2017

Great Books

Do you have favorite books to recommend and share with the world? Which would you want your posterity to read? The Bible, How to Win Friends...? Share your wisdom on this in the comment section below.

Jun. 17, 2017

"Perfect" Housing

Upcoming information about "Lifetime Design" and "Universal Housing". Click on "Physical Page". Free sharing of valuable information and personal service for you. Check back often and comment. Love to share and answer questions on important subjects.


Jun. 16, 2017

Whatnots on Arts and Crafts Page

Those little figurines etc. Do you have some?

Jun. 11, 2017

Little Things in Life

It seems only natural that we want the most "bang for buck". We tend to measure success by big things and huge accomplishments. Patience, consistency and persistence over time yields greater things than we might imagine. Emerson mentioned the "flywheel of habit". Habits yield results in time empowered by nature's momentum. That's why we should always monitor ourselves...our purpose, activity and keep desired results in focus to be sure our habits will eventually take us where we want to go. Once our habits are mastered we will in time reach our goal as long as that goal is within reason. Big things may get attention immediately but the strength of habit in small things builds solid permanence and lasting results. Never overlook the power of little things ever how small. Always know that it's drops of water that create the ocean. A castle is built one stone at a time. Let's never overlook the power of little things combined with habit and we'll wake up some fine day and rejoice in our accomplishments knowing it is the little things that made the difference in time. The Master Teacher reflected this concept with the "seed of the sower", the "cup of cold water" and the "widow's mite". Nature teaches us that little things matter. There's power in perpetual automatic motion. Little things bring big results in time.

Jun. 6, 2017

New Financial Link

As always looking for life-enhancing websites and opportunities for you. It is also listed on the Coming Soon and Financial Page: www.maxous.com/ronportzer