May. 27, 2017

Memorial Day 2017

Just remembering dad, a veteran who helped make our Country great. He was born on Memorial Day, May 30, 1923 and died at 92 in 2015. One of my great joys was to be a primary caregiver along with one of my daughters, Tara. Dad had dementia which accelerated after mother's death in dad's arms early in 2011. This is one of my favorite pictures of mother and dad. The toehead in mother's lap is me before I learned how to be ugly, I reckon! Unfortunately, my brother Giles and sister Anileta weren't in the picture. They weren't born yet. I love them both and thank God every day for my blessings and the hope of being together in the great beyond.

It so happens that today (05/27) is another of my birthday anniversaries! I say "anniversary" because I was born once to dad and mother. Each year is just another anniversary. Oh, I was born a second time into the family of my Lord, Brother and Savior, Jesus the Christ. What a life in the Son! 

May. 25, 2017

Peace: Why Not?

Peace is a valuable commodity. Why would anyone not seek to secure peace for themselves? Yet there are some who are intent on spoiling peace for others. Resolved: "I will follow all things within my power to make for peace for myself and others". It's like soothing all legitimate cravings. It's satisfying. It's like giving ourselves the gift of choosing to direct our lives that we might leave a great moral legacy for our posterity.  Peace is an absolute necessity for a good and self-fulfilling life to maximize our service. We cannot deny peace to others while at the same time securing it for ourselves.

If you cherish Peace think of ways you can promote it. Who really loses when peace is present? Think about who gains. Peace be to you! Share your thoughts and/or stories in the comment section found in each subsequent pages beginning with the Home Page.

May. 23, 2017

Peacemaker Vs Piece Maker

Each of us may be defined as either a peacemaker or a piecemaker. It's not just the spelling, it's the character. You have within your power the choice of being one who influences others' lives by bringing them together or tearing them apart. Which is it for you? Our world needs more peacemakers. We are torn apart by many differences: races, religion, interests, prejudices, ideologies etc. There are too many piece makers. See yourself as one who promotes good preference. Hopefully, you'll be a peacemaker. If so, congratulations! We need more peacemakers. The motivating factor is love, love for God, family and friends. You are in a unique class if you are always promoting peace among those with whom you are special--good for life and happiness! Let's ask ourselves, "How can I enrich someone's life today?" "What can I do to make life better for someone today?" This will cause us to act. The resulting feeling will make us feel we have made another contribution to the good life. Let's be remembered as being a peacemaker.

May. 14, 2017

Church and Youth

The "Christian Patriot Daily" just had an article entitled, "7 Reasons Millennials Are Leaving the Faith" ( I'd recommend your reading this short article. As parents, grandparents or any family member we can find comfort in taking the pulse of how young people are responding to principles our Creator has put in place. Perhaps, you've heard it said that "the young are our future". Empower yourself if you love your young ones who come into this world as pure and precious gifts. Let's rethink the subjects of family, love and service for a better world in all areas of life. We were created to be the crowning of creation. Let's live the good life to the fullest. Share your wisdom in the comment section on the Home Page.