May. 12, 2019

Rollingstone Arrival

We finally arrived at the new location near Winona, MN for another chapter in the life of a great artist, Judson Portzer. If you haven't already, check out his work by simply typing his name in your engine search browser. You'll be amazed and perhaps understand why one of the oldest stained glass art companies desired to consult with him. This was a 1000 mile move and I volunteered to drive the truck having been licensed with a CDL authorization. Great memories in spite of loading challenges but I'd do it again. I often said that I'd rather drive a good truck than a luxury car. They're nice. The rental version evidently had a smaller engine but the trip went well, thanks to the fine equipment of Penske Truck Leasing.

The arrival was on Friday, April 19th with my car in tow for the return home. I spotted a small restaurant which can be spotted to the right of the telephone pole in the attached photo. There is something nostalgic about small quiet towns. I do not think there was a single traffic light. I plan to post some more pictures shortly to whet the appetite of some who might like to visit the nearby town of Winona with around 27,000 population. Rollingstone had a population of 660 according to the 2014 census.

(To be continued)

May. 3, 2019

Interesting City

If you were a fan of Paul Harvey you might like to do an engine search for something like "Paul Harvey Winona Minnesota" and hear what he said about the town of Winona.  

Apr. 25, 2019

Minnesota Move Mission Accomplished

Artists and writers can do their work from just about any geographical location. Count yourself fortunate if you can earn your living from home if that's what you desire. 

Just a few months ago Judson Portzer decided to respond to the request of a person working for Willet Hauser Architectural Glass in Winona, MN. He decided to locate nearby in Rollingstone, an impressive little town for scenery, location, and quietness. He begins work with this studio, one of the oldest and largest stained glass studios in North America. Judson's passion for his excellent work overrode any inhibitions and with such commitment, I offered my services to help him make the move possible. 

For about a month plans were in the making to work with Penske Truck Leasing which turned out to be a success. Leaving Birmingham, AL about 4:00 PM on Tuesday, April 16th with my trailered RAV4 in tow for my return trip was a success (after much strenuous activity) on Tuesday, April 23. I've often stated that I'd rather drive a good truck more than a luxury car. Thanks to Penske, Maxous, (a business platform providing many advertising and discount opportunities saving over $130 for rental open for anyone to join for free) and all the fine help of willing associates to make the move a success.

The picture attached is one sample of Judson's fine stained glass samples. I'll be adding more details shortly. Well, after getting my phone fixed so I can post some pictures on this website.

Apr. 16, 2019

Wood Post

Wood is an excellent structural material that has been in use to make life more livable as long as humans inhabited the earth. It is used for energy production, such as heating homes. It is used to flavor BBQ. It has aesthetic value so pleasing to the eye. Several years ago, an article appeared in a woodworking magazine entitled, "Lusting for Lumber." Can you think of a single person who has not some like for wood? 

Time was right about two weeks ago to visit Hobby Hardwood, Alabama. You can immediately understand why people like to visit the place. One outstanding feature welcoming your presence is the apparent interest the owners, Robert, and Martha Milton have for visitors and clients. You'll want to visit again and again if you are interested in high quality and varieties.

You will be impressed simply by visiting the Hobby Hardwood Alabama website when you read about some unique features and why the operation is so unique. Like all competent professionals, the passion for excellent service is evident. Read why they are open on weekends. They are busy during the week preparing for the big day. It is impressive to see the difference in business as usual and a dedicated company producing the most excellent products. There is an apparent difference between hired hands and owners who have a passion for their wares. 

You may recall several months ago on this website (Oct 18, 2018, Excited About Stone) that customer service can get one excited even about gravel, not only for its use but also for the enthusiasm of the professionals on the premise to make clients happy. Attitude is contagious.

By all means, visit Robert and Martha's enterprise and share your experience. You'll want to go back too when in the Huntsville, AL and southern TN area. I'm already thinking about another excuse to go back for some more lest I miss something. The depth and variation of color in the particular cedar, as seen in the attached photograph, is only an example of the high quality and special handling prepared for your excellent taste.

Apr. 9, 2019


Self-help isn't something to be ashamed of as if in seeking it we defend our weaknesses. We would do well to be conscious of our limitations while understanding that our potential has not been reached...and never will. If we would be better today than we were yesterday we are on a healthy journey in the adventure of life. Perhaps tomorrow we will be better than today. Constant and never-ending improvement (CANI, Anthony Robbins phrase) is the healthiest way to go if we want to get the most out of life. 

How often have we attended a celebration of life at the departure of a loved one? It is then that many of us wish we had not left association with the departed undone. Such events motivate us to renew our drive to "give flowers while we live". It is at such events that our feeling of failure or neglect kicks in. We only wish we could recall the times when the deceased were alive again so we could have a new perspective upon which to act and have the good pleasure of benefitting from the association.  

W. Clement Stone's first listing for success is to "do it now". Such advice should be understood within the context of rationality. If, for example, if you want to buy a new car certain financial considerations must be arranged in advance. You may not buy it now but you can begin acting in the direction of such a goal immediately with a deliberate decision and continue with necessary steps to bring about your desire. The philosophy of "do it now" is definitely a good one. It's the concept of overcoming procrastination and moving toward the goal.

Successful people develop the habit of instant action and resolve when presented with an opportunity. It's an art and can be improved upon with practice. Goethe, German statesman and novelist said, "What you can do or dream you can, begin it; boldness has genius, power, and magic in it". He was suggesting that once a person sets his or her mind with iron-clad resolve to do a thing that even a Higher Power in the universe comes to their aid.

If we really intend to do a thing, visiting a person, building a relationship, or whatever our wish may be, don't put it off for time is fleeting and life uncertain. Do it. Begin it now.