Apr. 2, 2019

Financial Legacy

Nelson Nash pictured in the accompanying photograph with his bride, Mary, and my financial adviser just passed from this life recently. I take every opportunity to share the infinite banking concept with acquaintances because as we age financial risks need to become smaller because of time for recovery in the roller-coaster stock market becomes more limited. For those who desire certainty the Bank on Yourself strategy is the best choice for growing wealth with less risk.

While working in Birmingham, AL I'd often listen to radio talk shows as a great learning experience. I kept hearing an advertisement about a book by the above title authored by Pamela Yellen. She was inspired by Nelson to build the company described in the book after being exposed to his research. I was maximizing the 401k plan offered by my employer. Upon reading the book it became clear that there is something better than the government plan started by Ted Benna, "Father of the 401(k) Plan". He admits to creating "a monster that should be blown up" and started putting most of his money in the 501(k), a "Bank on Yourself" type plan for retirement and a host of other benefits.

Jim Conrad can be reached at www.findoutmorenow.com by submitting the 4 digit code JC35 (Passcode you were provided"). Do you really think that settlers in the old west really shouted, "gold", "gold", "I found gold" upon discovering the precious metal? I don't! If you purchase a copy of Bank on Yourself and read it carefully you'll understand why the advisers like Jim do not press for a "hard sell". They stay busy with fortunate and wise people who find them. Sometimes the best things in life are not known by the masses. By all means, click on the website above to begin an exciting adventure.

Mar. 24, 2019

America in the Balance

What is your vision for the future of America? On September 11, 2001, a wake-up call was the focus of attention when 3,000 people were killed by a surprise attack on America. Beyond this "foreign" effort to terrorize us there lies a greater risk mentioned by great writers and leaders who have studied patterns of historical events of the ages. It seemed for a few weeks that the jolting warning of the twin tower attack was sounded and shortly afterward almost forgotten. Have we become a Nation of citizens desensitized by stories from the imaginations of writers and producers of pastime activities? Are you aware that in the early days of Christianity history reveals that adherents claiming to follow Jesus were fed to lions in ancient Rome before its destruction for entertainment?

Unfortunately, centers of academia are not devoted to instilling the dangers which history predicts. Disturbing as it is, we must face facts or suffer consequences much like people dying intestate. Proactivity is a virtue needed if our posterity is to live in peace. While many refuse to see "border security" as an emergency it is evident that some of our national leaders are for political purposes inciting our doom at a minimum from outright hate as we've never seen before. As Ariel Durant stated, "A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within". Such suggests that some of our leaders are fulfilling the prophecy. I'll be plain. Hate for our President may be the very catalyst for our own doom. We indeed are seeing history in the making at the most critical time in our history as a Nation.

Yes, I'm suggesting that greater than the 911 tragedy is either the blind-eye or purposeful push-back character of corruption embedded in Washington. Our duly-elected President was driven to sacrifice his freedom and opulent lifestyle to sound the clarion call and symbolically and almost single-handedly take upon himself the burden of hope. My early thoughts have been deeply influenced by the ancient history of how Nations either survive or suffer destruction. My studied opinion is that President Trump campaigned and won the Presidency just in time to direct our Nation's future. It seems at best he can only delay our doom. Are we going to wake up as a Nation? It's up to us to decide whether we will bequeath freedom or reintroduce slavery in the form of Socialism or promote Capitalism as the way to retain the opportunity to sustain freedom.

I'm convinced that our future stands on fragile grounds as the demise is centered within our civilization. Even greater than the 911 tragedy is the destruction within our political playground. On a more positive note, there may be a ray of hope according to Dr. Gerard Lameiro in More Great News for America (March 24, 2018 blog this website). What do you think?   

Mar. 12, 2019

Quoting Wise Ideas

She (as my critic and self-appointed judge) asked in what seemed to be a conspiratorial manner, "Why do you use quotes"? I could have responded, "Why do you ask"? I did the next best thing...I thought about her question. 

Reading good books or watching fine movies tend to change our way of thinking as we relate to others if we are constantly trying to improve our lives. Some quotes by a heroic character who puts the bad guy in his or her place stick with us and builds our arsenal of ideas to use in our own journey of life.

Have you ever noticed that the people you hang around tend to shape our lives and foretell our future? People tend to put us in a position where they can control us. My critic had good intentions. But her question is worth exploring. First, I am conscious that we could misuse quotes simply to appear smart. But, I guess it's good to imitate smart people while being careful not to act the part of a smart alec. Assuming one is genuine and has a great attitude toward themselves and others let's answer the question. Here's a list of some of my reasons to use quotes in communicating with others:

  1. Time-wise: One can get a point across almost instantly. I like to explain things but quotes often work to maximize what little time available in our busy world.
  2. Practice is good: Using quotes lets us practice what we learn and helps us remember the point we're trying to make while setting a good example for others to follow.
  3. Assistance helps: While one may not have a big name we can call upon the wisdom of a person who does...like, Shakespeare, Emerson, Jesus or any other person who engaged the practice to effectively tell their story. 
  4. Respect always in order: It is a compliment to people when we give them the opportunity to see our point of view and they arrive at a similar conclusion as we did. They are being given the courtesy of being considered intelligent enough to see our point of view on their own. Don't forget to give the quote proper credit to its author if known.
  5. Natural appeal: At least if you're in the business of regular communication and a quote "says it all", why not use a memorable quote to make the point?

How powerful, memorable and effective is the quote made by the "Duke" for those who love him? You can see a whole philosophy of being courageous in a powerful way. The message is clear and well-stated in a few words. Follow through even though you may be fearful. and just do not give up in your worthy cause, no matter what! This brings to mind Susan Jeffers book, Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway. Fear? Yes! "Keep on keeping on" (Anonymous). "Stay with it" if it's worth it. As Winston Churchill stated, "Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never--in nothing, great or small, large or petty--never give in..."

Your true friends will appreciate your wise and occasional use of fitting quotes. Your critics may not.

Mar. 4, 2019

Life and Learning

Harold, a late aviation friend spoke up with a compliment on a short article I had posted in our little monthly paper which was circulated in the local Experimental Aircraft Association, EAA Chapter 1061 back in the 1990s. As the meeting was coming to a close Harold looked at me and stated. "Too bad you missed your calling". Why do you say that I asked? He responded, "Good article, you wrote".                                            

How often do we categorize people of varying and maybe unimpressive backgrounds? I said to Harold, "What makes you think I missed my calling"? I understood his compliment and thanked him for it. I was a professional product relocator, (fancy description for a truck driver). What few imagine is a creative twist to the story. I viewed my professional occupation as a "rolling university", being paid for my service while educating myself to be a better servant to mankind. Having been a school teacher, a pulpit minister, and a few other things there was a great opportunity to listen to instructive, educational, professional, business, spiritual themes while driving and being handsomely rewarded monetarily as well. It was an adventure.

The article Harold was complimenting had to do with the subject of learning. Professional pilots were not eager to be classified as "student" pilots. That idea was expressed in our primary textbook, The Student Pilot's Handbook. Too good a book to be classified as a mere learning tool for student pilots. Once a person through pride or ego learns that life is really a learning process such a title is not so bad even for the best aviators. We continue to learn or start dying. It is true that upon earning a pilot's license one has a license or privilege with more freedom to come and go without having to ask an instructor for a "sign-off" to pierce the "wild blue yonder". After acquiring the license education had better not stop. So my point in the impressionable article was that we never stop being a student. That's just the nature of life, one never stops learning. That should apply to all six major areas of life (emotional, financial, mental, physical, social, spiritual). The moment one stops learning dying sets in.

The accompanying photograph is of my brother, Giles' second homebuilt aircraft since I haven't gotten around to posing my previously owned factory built Taylorcraft 1946 model BC 12D NC95809. Maybe I'll get to that later! Until then, trust me, life is about the adventure of learning in order to increase our value in service to humankind. If you ever entrust your life to a pilot beware if he or she has stopped being a student!

Feb. 27, 2019

Border Crisis

Borders of some sort are desired by everyone whether for security, safety, or privacy to the extent that politics need not overrule good judgment. It's a matter of "common sense" and honesty. 

Controversy rages continually over a duly elected President to the extent that opposition is off the charts like our Country has never seen before. Yes, I'm concerned about the future. All the wisdom of the ages from the greatest minds is on the side of sanity and good sense. It is appalling that hate continues to be the factor upon which losers pitch their fits. At least there should be a balance between reason and emotion. 

It is on record that leaders of our Country have addressed the issue of open and closed borders. Historically, nations have always had borders to protect themselves. It's as natural as having locks and keys to private property. There is no such thing as perfect security. So we should use our better judgment when considering a reasonable degree of security.

Past Presidents have well recognized the need to face the admitted crisis of open borders. Why has the admitted crisis become so controversial in the past few months? The truth never changes. The attached image is a reasonable, sensible, and glowing example of the simplicity of the issue. Yet there is an underlying wave of destructive ideology that threatens our way of life in the present controversy. When hate for a person so dedicated to preserving the freedoms our Country has enjoyed for decades it is time we consider what our children and grandchildren are going to face in the future. 

I recall the time when children could look to adults for wisdom and a great head-start for coping with challenges in life they will surely face. It's been said that "we deserve what we get". I, for one, believe our children deserve better examples of leadership than that we are seeing from all who have changed their minds on the facts. All who have been personally impacted by the open-door policy whether by drugs, deaths, and disease understand that we are in a crisis while leaders have their own borders built-in. Unless we see a radical change we are headed for the cliff for which there is no rescue.