Jun. 14, 2018

Forty-fifth President

Happy birthday anniversary to our President! Love him or hate him. Your choice and a real commentary on you. I tweeted nearly 3200 times in an effort to educate the public on this controversial man in an effort to get him elected. You see, I do not like to think a miracle would be America's only hope. Miracles never saved any nation which crumbled under the weight of its own corruption.

Larry, the cable guy, standup comedian said it best: "Give the man a chance; he had everything to lose". 

I purposely do not fall for alleged references to Donald Trump in the Old Covenant Scriptures. At the same time I admit ignorance. One thing I do believe: God blessed us with this man. He gave us one more chance to extend for some unknown time what our National Forefathers stood for...freedom to live in a "land of opportunity". 

I have numerous reasons to believe that God blessed us at such a critical time. In 1959 a spiritual mentor of mine (link on "Coming Soon! page, "unity-in-diversity...) had written an article entitled, "Sunset in the West", in which he, along with other brillian minds agreed that America was following the same path as was Rome before its destruction. History does repeat itself whether we know it or not. I began early in 2016 concentrating on getting Trump elected as I saw him as our "Sunrise in the East". An illustrative image can be viewed (on the above mentioned page) on this site someone had posted under the caption, "A New Day for America" that illustrated my vision.

No person outside of God's Begotten was ever perfect. Wisdom of the ages points to one earthly answer in the affairs of humans in our "One Nation Under God". We are truly blessed with blessings even though some think Trump was "rammed down our throats". Remember that Jesus came down from heaven to save the world. Trump stepped down from an opulent lifestyle to save the Nation. He already had wealth, fame and a well-loved busy life. No one stepped up to the plate to take on the insurmountable task of cleaning up Washington. Trump is rare and a real treasure. 

Jun. 5, 2018

Fortieth President

Movie star? My first thought was "what in the world would qualify a movie star for President of the United States"? Being open-minded to good ideas the words came across America with the booming voice of the radio legend, Paul Harvey with reference to the movie star and former governor of California, of all places...Harvey's words changed my thinking in a moment, "It's who he surrounds himself with". From then on I moved from pessimism to unstopable optimism.

Ronald Reagan was declared our fortieth President, serving 1981-1989. As a Republican it was confessed by one of his Democratic critics, Tip O'Neil, after the landslide victory, "We didn't have anybody to match him".  

Today marks another anniversary of President Reagan's death (June 5, 2004) due to complications of Altzheimers disease at age 93. 

Jun. 5, 2018

Amazing Artist

Forty-six years and one day ago a child was born who knew unlike 95% of the population what he desired to do as a career at a very young age. Born on June 4th 1972 in Jackson, TN the world would never be the same. While quite normal discipline was exercised on less than happy occasions his father was cautious to never kill the desire of one of the lad's great pleasures...his art. 

Educating a child is so serious a matter that parents need to look beyond the present moment to what a child can be with optimism and faith in human potential. He was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth or with particularly gifted parents. Not a lot of wealth and very little struggle. The carrot dangled within sight and with the cocoon unscathed from external forces he emerged with the strength to fly. What else can we hope bestow upon our children but roots and wings?

Manifesting two extremes was common. On the one hand the hyper-energy of an excited and comic youth. On the other the canny ability to sit as quiet as a kumquat while visiting the mental imagery and expressing his visions on paper. Fortunately, for you, you can see some results of a genius at work in producing stained glass in the "old original" style rather than by modern technological mass production methods. When one is fortunate enough to purchase a piece of his art he or she can be assured of a one-of-a-kind treasure.

Just type his name into your browser: Judson Portzer...and see what you think.

Congratulations, son, on your 46th birthday anniversary. We who know you most love you more than you can imagine. We wish you the best of success for now and in eternity. 



Jun. 3, 2018

A Well-Rounded Person

Use of good information from anyone who has it can be beneficial to people reaching  for constant and never-ending improvement in their lives . Abram Maslow is no exception for sharing useful information.

I was asked to conduct a class some time ago which sparked an interest and drew a few compliments. The setting was an  "Addiction Recovery" class. Taking liberty to divert to one of my favorite subjects on practical values my belief system embraced on how Christians can utilize "wisdom in favor with men" to great advantage in the "good life in the here and now.

Asa, my maternal grandfather and "hero" once stated that "truth is truth regardless of who said it". We can agree that there are pearls of wisdom all can use from all cultures and sciences. One great mistake is to "turn-off" open-mindedness to even our enemies. Nothing wrong with "street smarts"! One of my favorite books authored some 300 years ago by the Spanish Jesuit, Baltasar Gracian is entitled, The Art of Worldly Wisdom. Would you believe it? I know religious people who might look squint-eyed at me for even recommending such a title! Just hold on because the Master of teachers at age 12 "got lost in the crowd" and was found days later discussing with highly respected and leared men "wisdom of both God and man".

Take a look at the accompanying pyramid developed by the psychologist, Abraham Maslow. Like Dale Carnegie, good information on dealing with people effectively for success in life, claimed not to go beyond the wisdom of the Creator of the Universe. I share corresponding sentiments. We are free to explore, learn and yes, become more complete as persons now and in the infinite future. Are you well-rounded according to Maslow's "Hierarchy of Human Needs"? You can be!

May. 28, 2018

Cheyenne's Day

May is a very special month in our family. That specialty has spilled over into many other lives. May brings to mind several important figures as noted in posts this month. 

Cheyenne, of Amarillo, TX is celebrating her 18th birthday anniversary today. As with all young people, there are many reasons to celebrate life. This aspiring young lady is graduating from High School as well. My understanding is that she has quite a bit of interest in law enforcement. Well, Cheyenne, it just so happens that a "lawman" born on May 26, 1923, set a great example in the area of keeping peace all should respect. Read the "Matt Gets It" (the part on the old TV "character study" show of long ago) article for a summary of what all law enforcement personnel as well as those protected need to know to lead a successful life.

Let integrity in all areas of life be your "badge of honor" and live longer the good life. Congratulations on your achievement. Remember you graduate to the life of learning as a young adult and use all your influence to make this world a better place. A better world begins with a better me and a better you. You have been given educational roots and now you can spread your wings in a world of opportunity.  Learn, love, laugh and prosper!