May. 26, 2018

Matt Gets It

John Wayne, the "Duke" turned down the significant role of an iconic marshall in the western classic favorite TV show beginning in the 1950's, Gunsmoke. Being James Arness' senior by about 16 years, Wayne felt that the young Arness would fit the starring part for the upcoming Dodge City show as US Marshall. The rest is history! Both men were born on May 26th, Wayne, 1907 and Arness, 1923. 

It's amazing how life can be enhanced by going back to some of the old TV shows to pick up some motivation for living the good life...and avoiding the bad. I've never been much of a movie watcher but do like to glean great ideas form producers who reflect and help shape great character. One of my favorite early Gunsmoke scenes was near the end of "Kangaroo" ("Why Christianity is Bad") in which Matt quoted a line from Micah 6:8 " do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God", to a religious fanatic who had ordered Chester's hand to be chopped off in a fit of what he considered justice. 

Dad (born the same year 3 days after Arness' birth) told me at a young age as he saw my spirituality developing that "brethren would sometimes be your worst enemies". Sorry, but I found that Christianity has taken on a distorted meaning from what Jesus intended. Paschal realized this and stated, "Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction". Christianity, to me is a demonstration of the oneness intended from the beginning by God and prayed for by Jesus just before his death. It is "life in the Son".

Matt got the part and influenced millions. If the title of this edit post sounds familiar the three words are the words of the premier episode "Matt Gets It"...meaning, he got the bullet! 

Thank you Marshall Dillon for inspiring us to seek truth, mercy and justice. I've, (like portrayed in the, "Why Christianity is Bad" episode) experienced first-hand injustice at the hand of "believers" who might do better watching this episode than watching the reruns of Sunday plays. Thank you, James. Happy birthday annivesary. You, being dead yet speak wisdom and inspiration as we see you brought to life in Dodge City.

May. 13, 2018

Mother's Day 2018

Reflection on the past empowers the future. Never did I wonder if I was loved. Unfortunately, some folks strive to find love. Mother was always a queen of "being there" when others needed her. She was there when a neighbor or relative needed help in times of illness. She was there when two more siblings were born and stayed until we "flew the coup". She was there when my own four children were awarded me in a tragic divorce. She was there on her death bed when her greatest concern was dad's welfare. He depended on her so much.

Thank you mother, for your demonstration of what it means to put others first. Thank you for instilling true and right values in me, my brother and sister. I'm sorry for all the disappointments you surely had when I did not live up to your expectations. I know you would be very pleased with our care for dad until his joining you in the hereafter. Your life was not in vain as sometimes you must have felt. 

Mothers, your life-mate and offspring rise up and call you blessed. Only when we follow your example will the world be a better place for our posterity.

May. 9, 2018

Life's Reward

Life is the freely given gift to all the living. It can be wasted or utilized. Enter into the equation the phenomenon of service our life has true meaning. Some lives are known far and wide while others are almost "a secret". Rather than judging the value of either and in between you can be refreshed if you see life as being "its own reward" (Earl Nightingale:

Life is so precious and to be lived to the fullest. It is our gift which cannot be regained once lost. It is easy to take life for granted. Let's make it count! 

God breathed into Adam life. Adam wasted it by taking it for granted. Jesus reclaimed life for those who prized it most. Embrace life now and use it to discover the secret to eternal life. 

May. 7, 2018

Awkwardness of Accuracy

Facebook provides opportunity to remind friends of special events with easy response. Associations often call for acceptance of the norm. One challenge I face seems odd to recipients. How many times have you gotten the opportunity to wish someone, "Happy Birthday".

Accuracy is essential in matters of mathematics and choice words to express specific ideas. It seems a bit awkward for me to wish one a "Happy Birthday" since I am always late...Late, I mean, because the recipient was born long before my wish. Let me explain: We all had one birth day...the day we were born. It is my trait to respond to the well wishing with, "Happy Birthday Anniversary" because once a person is born each year is an anniversary. That's it! I wish my friends a happy birthday anniversary. Accurate, but awkward.

Once, it was reported that Albert Einstein was asked his secret to success... His reply, "I never accept a Maxim". Although we are all genuises I have no intention of competing with Einstein. I do however like to be consistent, question the norm and come to my own conclusion rather than perpetuate a myth.

Do you have any convincing evidence that I should not say, "Happy Birthday Anniversary"? "Oh, you know what I mean". Why not say what we mean and mean what we say?

Apr. 24, 2018

Should I Really Care?

Controversy is not something peacemakers really like. Certain principles mean more to me than money, fame or what others think. Personal integrity was put to the test in our last Presidential election. While some professional church ministers did not want to offend their devotees they withheld their influence and preference from public scrutiny. For many years the power of money over what is spoken or not spoken has been of real concern. Free people should be able to stand for good over evil regardless of the cost. A few wise people rightly saw the election as a battle between good and evil.

When a fighter pilot homes in on a mission target he or she decides to succeed even in the face of death. I saw the conflict raging in our Country as a real emergency. Two divergent philosophies were very clear. I'm satisfied that the Creator to whom we pray heard the prayers of the righteous and gave us one more chance to turn our Nation back in the right direction. Just as God saw something in Saul of Tarsus I'm convinced that He saw something in Donald Trump. Never have we seen such cruel energy against one man who gave up such an opulent lifestyle to save our Nation.

Determination to do what little I could to share a vision of National prosperity and relative security led me to risk any popularity I might have had. I didn't care what people thought about me as much as I cared to educate them on why no one could or would come close to taking on the task our President has. Fortunately, many Americans have seen "the handwriting on the wall" or a suggestion in the clouds. Who has ever taken so much opposition and accomplished so much?

I've never regretted my stand and am humbled by the gift of an imperfect character whose goal it is to bring his best for America's good. I'm inspired to stand alone if necessary to encourage righteousness to exalt our Nation while on the planet and to promote the oneness of all people.