Jan. 17, 2019

Acres of Diamonds

America was built upon the idea of freedom for all who wanted to live free from oppression and excel in opportunities. We the people have become the envy of the world. While opportunities are highlighted it is clear that people with evil intentions have utilized our system to do harm. For now, while we seek to preserve freedom for our posterity one of the best things we can do is to continue to educate ourselves and whomever we can to pass the torch only to further our cause. 

People who cherish freedom must act to keep, promote and maintain otherwise fading gifts of freedom-lovers before us. May I remind you of Abraham Lincoln's phrase: "Government of the people, by the people and for the people" was stated and intended to emphasize people over the government? Even the best advertisers I've encountered seem not to know how Lincoln's oral tone stressed the word "people". In my many posts on Twitter and Facebook, the word PEOPLE is capitalized for one purpose...to highlight and perpetuate Lincoln's use of the word in His brief celebrated, "Gettysburg Address". A little-known inquiry and study traced all the way back to a person who heard Lincoln's speech concluded that the endearing word "people" was far more important than the government. This helps explain the purpose of the 2nd amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

Books are arsenals in our quest for prosperity. One stands out as a favorite for all aspirants to the "American Dream" of betterment for humanity: Acres of Diamonds. The author, Russell Herman Conwell built Temple University through the power of over 6000 speeches in which he included the story of a farmer who seeking diamonds eventually committed suicide in a fit of despondency. Another farmer had purchased the plot and discovered a large stone which happened to be only a sampling of what became the largest diamond mine ever discovered. 

The moral of the story is that we the people in our great land can find our own fortune whether tangible or intangible within ourselves if we'll only persist and stay focused on making our greatest contribution in service to others. See the story on my Facebook page today, January 17, 2019. 

Jan. 12, 2019

Tara Honors

Just had to add another story about my deceased daughter, Tara. I just found a picture of her on Facebook. The picture was taken from a group photo. She was valedictorian or salutatorian (not sure which) in High School before using a scholarship for her cosmetology career. As you may already know by previous posts her health had deteriorated and she died one week ago. At this time last week I was with her in the Emergency Room in Jasper, AL not realizing she would pass from this life that evening. I miss her very much as you can well imagine.

Love and memories never die. Though we are in different worlds now, she is close to my heart. She had become homeless in late 2012 and had made much improvement. May we all enjoy our relationships and create our lives for a better existence through our Lord, Jesus. 

Jan. 11, 2019

Defensive Driving

Smith was the surname of a driver training instructor in the 1950's. The five-item list for defensive driving was reputed to be so complete that improvement could not be made.

This is not the only time such a common name is credited for innovation. Fred Smith built FedEx. Adam Smith, economist and philosopher wrote "The Wealth of Nations". Joseph Smith founded Mormonism. Never underestimate what a person with a common name might do. Harold Smith created the Smith System in 1948 and established a driver-training institute in 1952. Although professional in scope the same system should be memorized and taught to every driver on the road. I once won a speech contest about this system. 

If there was ever a secret to avoiding accidents and saving lives on the road this is it:

1 Aim high in steering.

2 Keep your eyes moving.

3 Get the big picture.

4 Leave yourself an out.

5 Make sure others see you.

Parents, grandparents, and anyone responsible for a youngster's learning to drive should teach this system. That will relieve much stress if adhered to. Sometimes we get the wrong picture. The driver in the accompanying photo is what? Get the big picture! See the driver in the white car?

Any questions may be submitted in the comment section at the bottom of the "Home Page".

Jan. 9, 2019

Tara's Final Tribute

Tara was one unique person who knew at an early age what she wanted her life's career to be. She had great satisfaction in making others feel good about themselves. She decided at a very early age to be a cosmetologist. Winning a scholarship she went to a college of cosmetology in Tuscaloosa AL and was a real Alabama fan! She got her degree and did her job with passion. Her skill was outstanding! She even gave me a "working over" from what you see on my "Home Page". She thought I "looked like a televangelist". She did the "mod squad" update, as I call it and I began to get many compliments!

Old habits are hard to break...but now will I be faithful to her hair-style wisdom? I'm going to try out of love and respect for her.

Pictured above is such a lovely sleeping face about 2 months before her granddad died. You see, I had become a sole caregiver (for months in turn with other family members) and she was my helper with dad's dementia. I caught her sleeping on the couch near dad's bed and just had to get a snapshot. Beautiful! This picture is symbolic of the rest after today's celebration of her life before entering the land of no more pain and sorrow. 

She is going to be sorely missed, as you can imagine. She had often said that I would outlive her. Although I had spent the first part of the day with her on the day of her death and mostly in ER she was in pain all day. My sister, a nurse, was on call and at home on Saturday and frequently checked on her. She died in her sleep with no known struggle. We hope that she will rise to live eternally in heaven. Today is the day that we lay her body to rest in the family cemetery within a few steps from her grandparents' graves and homesite. So she will always be close in proximity and will be conveniently visited by my sister and me. Tears, emotions, and many happy memories...

Lord help us all to be forever in Your divine presence, Thank You for Your sharing Tara with us for a brief 44 years. Amen! Thanks to one man, the Son of God who came to earth to save the world! We too have the choice to embrace the greatest gift the world has ever known by adequately responding to the gospel of God.s Anointed Who has removed the fear of death for those who so choose. 

Jan. 8, 2019

Tara Post 3

Tomorrow is the big day for saying goodbye to my lovely daughter, Tara. 

Jesus the Anointed of God is our only hope for the eternal life of bliss beyond the grave.

Passion for spiritual matters beyond the physical and uncertain world occupied much of our conversations in our many hours together. No longer will she have to be bored with my speeches. She loved her dad and I sought to calm her when she talked violence toward those who criticized me. It isn't easy to live around someone you love who is considered a black sheep. I often reminded her that some special people attract the ire of critics and that we must show love for our enemies and have the spirit of forgiveness.

Tara was not only a beloved daughter but a best friend as well. Tara, you will be sorely missed leaving a massive void in my life.

May we all learn to count our blessings while we have them rather than bemoan our woes when they come to an end. We indeed are venturing sojourners on the planet for a short time in anticipation of the better world.